Your Data belongs to you not us!

  • Handzin is a platform created to help people connect in private, secure spaces.

  • Our technology lets all customers communicate in every possible way from chatting to project work and all forms of video and webinar.

  • Your Data is NOT Our Product! And we’ll help you use it efficiently to make the right decisions.

  • Handzin allows you to customize your workspaces and work closely with your sponsors.

Let’s create beautiful spaces to share together!


Solves Concerns about security and data

     ✓All the benefits of social communications built in a private environment.

     ✓No unauthorized data mining, thus eliminating data abuse


Removes App fatigue and simplifies software workflow

     ✓No bouncing around multiple open windows to do your work.

     ✓One click access to your daily tools

You Customize and Monetize your workspaces

     ✓“Digital Billboards” on all layers of the platform

     ✓Support Easy Flexible Sponsorship Management

Built for federated multi organization collaboration.

     ✓Handzin is designed to allow users from multiple organizations to work

         together in the same application.

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